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Years of experience-honed expertise combines with the latest modern technology on our drone surveys, a straightforward and comprehensive way to take a look at the condition of your roof. The benefits of using a drone to survey a roof are numerous. Firstly, they negate the need for costly scaffolding, ladders and viewing platforms, and save the time needed to put them up. Drone roof surveys are risk-free in comparison to an actual person needing to go on top of the roof, and the images and video footage that a drone can get is extremely high quality – better, in fact, than what many handheld cameras can achieve. A drone can fly over and around a building with ease, giving a complete overview of the roof and any potential problems with it, and they make surveying very high or otherwise inaccessible roofs a breeze.

At All Roofs, our fantastic teams work with drones to give clients totally comprehensive roof surveys. We cast an expert eye over the footage from every angle, ensuring that your roof survey shows any potential issues. We have all the relevant insurance required for drone work, and are able to obtain special permissions for carrying out drone surveys in no-fly zones.

Insurance Backed Guarantees with all new work

Built on quality and trust we are proud to offer Deposit Protection and Insurance Backed Guarantees alongside our Workmanship Warranty. With Home Improvement Protection there is no hidden small print. They cover with policies that are user-friendly and easy to understand. From continuous 10 year cover, to no exclusions on insurance, you can be sure to know exactly what’s what.

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We at All Roofs meticulously examine every video from every angle to ensure that your roof survey identifies any problems. Our expert teams work with drones to provide comprehensive roof surveys.

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