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Re-roofing is the process of safely and securely removing your existing roof back to the structural rafters and replacing it with a new one. The process of re-roofing can cover the entire roof or a smaller section that has been damaged. Partial or total re-roofing may be necessary for a variety of reasons, from wear-and-tear caused by old age to missing tiles due to bad weather. There are multiple benefits to re-roofing. It can increase the overall value of your home, save you money on long-term maintenance and improve your home’s security. Re-roofing should also be considered for older roofs which have not been upgraded in-line with double glazing, cavity wall insulation and central heating which can all result in  your roof sweating. This can lead to condensation due to insufficient ventilation which in turn breaks down your underlying felt membrane and battens more quickly.

When your roof is replaced, it requires an expert touch to ensure that the work is completed to the highest possible standard, giving you confidence that your new roof is going to stand the test of time. Using only the best, high-performance materials and latest BS8612 and BS5534 systems, our fantastic team repairs, renovates and re-roofs to an exemplary standard which is confirmed by a completion sign off certificate by your Local Authority Building Control.

Insurance Backed Guarantees with all new work

Built on quality and trust we are proud to offer Deposit Protection and Insurance Backed Guarantees alongside our Workmanship Warranty. With Home Improvement Protection there is no hidden small print. They cover with policies that are user-friendly and easy to understand. From continuous 10 year cover, to no exclusions on insurance, you can be sure to know exactly what’s what.

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A new roof may be installed on an entire structure or on a section that has been damaged. Re-roofing may be required as a result of weather or wear-and-tear that has caused missing tiles or broken roofing. It offers a range of advantages, including increased home value, reduced maintenance costs, and improved safety.

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