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Sometimes prevention is the best cure, and with semi-regular roof surveys you could potentially save yourself thousands of pounds worth of repairs or replacements in the long run. There are several kinds of roof surveys to choose from, so in order to get the most value for money, you need to know what type of roof survey best suits your needs.

Visual surveys are, as the name suggests, the process of someone physically going up on the roof and inspecting it. Whilst up there, our surveyors will photograph and check all your roof’s elements for signs of damage or general wear and tear. A visual survey is more hands-on than automated surveys done by machinery, but of course involves additional safety measures.

Alternatively you could get a drone roof survey. Drones offer a risk-free alternative to roofing surveys, which is particularly useful when the roof in question is very high or inaccessible to humans. Drones capture high quality video footage of the roof from every angle, which is then assessed by our expert surveying team. Drone roof surveys also save time erecting scaffolding and ladders, so are a great option for those wanting a survey in a hurry.

We also offer enhanced roof surveys. When you’re buying a new property, mortgage lenders are increasingly requesting an enhanced survey to be carried out due to the rather vague descriptions provided within standard house surveys. Our enhanced surveys are in-depth reports that include photographic evidence alongside a comprehensive quotation for the work that is required. Using these techniques, we often identify issues that a basic survey from the ground simply would not be able to find. An enhanced survey can not only save you money on costly repairs in the long-term, but can also bring down to upfront cost of buying your property.

Insurance Backed Guarantees with all new work

Built on quality and trust we are proud to offer Deposit Protection and Insurance Backed Guarantees alongside our Workmanship Warranty. With Home Improvement Protection there is no hidden small print. They cover with policies that are user-friendly and easy to understand. From continuous 10 year cover, to no exclusions on insurance, you can be sure to know exactly what’s what.

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A roof survey can help you avoid big repair or replacement costs down the road, so prevention may be the best cure at times. There are many types of roof assessments, so you must pick the one that suits your needs the best in order to get the most value for your money.

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