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Torch-on felt roofs, or felt flat roofing as it is sometimes known, use two or three layers of felt that is rolled across a roof and then heated with blowtorch. This process melts the lower layer of felt, anchoring it to the roof and creating a watertight, tough seal. This resilient form of roofing is extremely popular for buildings with large, flat roofs, such as garage felt roofs, as once it is bonded to the roof, torch-on roofing felt is long lasting, tough, resistant to UV rays and water, and represents a cost-effective long-term roofing solution.

Owing to the use of a blowtorch to install torch-on roofing felt, it is important to not only get experienced professionals in to do the job for you but it is your responsibility to ensure the contractor appointed holds the additional insurances to use heat-works whilst working at heights which is not covered by standard public liability insurance. We specialise in this form of roofing , and our expert teams are highly experienced in felt roof replacement, repairs and installing new felt flat roofs. We take our team’s safety very seriously, and ensure that all the relevant insurance, safety measures are in place for every job, along with our warranty guaranteeing your roof for 10 years.

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Built on quality and trust we are proud to offer Deposit Protection and Insurance Backed Guarantees alongside our Workmanship Warranty. With Home Improvement Protection there is no hidden small print. They cover with policies that are user-friendly and easy to understand. From continuous 10 year cover, to no exclusions on insurance, you can be sure to know exactly what’s what.

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Because of its toughness and UV and water resistance, torch-on roofing felt is extremely popular for large, flat-roofed buildings like garage roofs, as it is once bonded to the roof indelibly strong, durable, and UV-resistant.

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